Empty CO2 bottle?  Ever run out of CO2?  Fill your CO2 bottle with compressed air directly from your air tank or air compressor. Designed for the high pressures associated with CO2, this part stays permanently on your regulator, ready for immediate use. This unit eliminates the problems of home built units and the dangers of high pressure. Because your regulator prevents free back flow, trying to fill your bottle from the regulated side will not allow your bottle to fill completely.  Putting a standard valve in the high pressure side will result in a dangerous, destroyed valve when you use CO2. This new BACK UP AIR FILLER solves all these problems. Uses your regulator to maintain the preset pressures. Use for unexpected emergencies or full time without last minute bottle or regulator modification. PICTURE SHOWN FOR EXAMPLE ONLY. BOTTLE, REGULATOR and GAUGE NOT INCLUDED.

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Weight 0.40 lbs
Dimensions 6.00 × 0.75 × 6.00 in