This oversized solenoid produces the extra force necessary for heavy-duty applications and hard-to-shift shifters and transmissions. Ideal for shifters with extra-long cables that make them hard to shift.

This specialty unit can be a substitute for the SN5000FC and SN7000. The aluminum shifter cover will work with this model.

For 2 speed transmissions using a B&M Pro Stick, Hurst Quarter Stick, TCI Outlaw, TCI Thunderstick with Front Exit Cables.

SN5057 ALL ELECTRIC 3-SPEED SHIFT KIT, FORWARD SHIFT PATTERN FOR B&M PRO STICK, TCI OUTLAW / THUNDERSTICK OR HURST QUARTER STICK: Hands-free automated shifting for accurate and consistent shift points. No CO2 bottle and regulator needed. Wire into any RPM switch, timer or push button and the solenoid-operated shifter makes your 1-2 and 2-3 shift. Simple conversion to B&M Pro Stick or Hurst quarter Stick shifter eliminates the need to squeeze the factory release handle between 2nd and 3rd shift. Simple device prevents accidental activation from park or neutral into gear. Includes solenoid, handle attachments and adapters, bracket and relay.